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IRS progression #1

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Over the course of the past four weeks, IRS has been hard at work developing the basic pipeline demo for the senior thesis. The first week we began work on developing assets and layouts in preparation for the 3D animatic. The major stopgaps we were facing off against were primarily finalizing the models for our characters and setting up the camera angles necessary for our short. With these set up, we could approximate exactly how much asset development we would have to put forth for the environment. We presented our animatic accordingly. The following week we would attempt to continue our work on pushing forth better sculpted models and assets. Very quickly we wrapped up a second pass on our 3D animatic with improved rigs, lighting, and a full rendering process and finalized cameras and shot counts. The animatic was set and we were ready to present. Along with the animatic was other assets produced, and the exterior school model finalized. We would also divvy up the sequences that each team would cover going forward. Here’s an insight of what I made during this whole process

• UV’d grim

• Animatic for scene 6 shot 4

• Animatic for scene 11 shot 3

• UV’d Muerto

• UV’d trophy assets

• Camera tuning for scene 6

• Camera tuning for the final scene

• Advanced character blocking and referencing in scene 6

Going forward I plan on continuing work on the character animations for our team. But more importantly I will commence assisting the FX team on Muerto’s confetti tool. Muerto’s confetti is waiting to be tackled and it’s something I intend to do with great care.

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