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Eco pan process #1

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I've got quite a short under my belt as of late, one that requires a lot of attention, however I've found the time to begin work on a project with the Company Eco Pan. Eco Pan is a construction waste removal company that assists construction contractors and workers with waste disposal that is environmentally friendly and Municipal regulation adherent.

It's quite a mouthful just to explain, and frankly there's a lot more to it than I was mentioning, but that's the broad gist of it, and for me the majority of what I'll be needing to cover. I was approached by Eco Pan as a sort of passing request for the development of a CG demonstration of the process surrounding the waste removal services. Eco Pan was interested in turning towards CG as it's method for explaining it's system and process to potential clients. The idea being that it could potentially be cheaper to just have a digital demonstration rather than go through the efforts of setting up a camera crew and doing a real world demonstration. Right now this is simply a conceptual stage of the matter, They've given me a broad overview of how they want the video to pan out alongside replica's and blueprints of the pans and trucks, and I'll be handing them a bit of a first pass of the models and environment. So far my work has achieved with both a beveled model of the pans and the blocking out of their relocation trucks.

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