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IRS progress # 3

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

To start animation progress was fixed and finalized. Initially we made a final animation set for our big progress update. Primarily I took on shots 6 and 7 of the final sequence. In them I primarily had to take control of animating both grim and the old man as they contest over the final grades of the kids. The old man gives Grim a slight elbow jab to convince him to give the kids a better grade.

Our primary desire was to start doing some test runs with the mocap, see what if they were applicable to the regular skeletons, and test run some few other scenes. Primarily the characters sneaking and the old man smacking a child. We managed to make the old man function well with the new mocaps, but progress on Shine and Muerto will still need ironing out.

It’s proven itself a wonderful opportunity to get a lot of solid animation down without having to do it all hand animated in the first place.

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