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IRS progress #4

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We’re back at it once again with another update. The school semester has started off and we’re back to the regular work schedule, in the past two weeks we’ve had quite a run down of things. With animation being a key focus of our efforts moving forward. I have already set up the next mocap session to tackle a lot of combat scenes. With the help of the mocap it should help move along the most intensive sequences of the short so that people can put their focus on animating the simpler aspects of the short. Beyond that we’ve made adjustments to the camera’s in each scene in prep for the animation.

I’ve made more motions towards Muerto’s confetti, in so far, the pathing system has been fully realized and is adjustable. Along with that I’ve also managed to not only make vellum cloth sims behave like confetti, I’ve also managed to utilize the material system within Houdini to give the confetti a slight see through effect, glinting shine, and best of all the ability for the confetti to dynamically change color over time, helping draw all sorts of eyes to the viewer.

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