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IRS progress #2

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

What a week for animation, right? A deadline has been rapidly approaching, one that wants to really show the progress we’ve really made all in one session. The idea is relatively simple, do a full render of everything we’ve made and created so far and put it through Arnold. It’s important as much to do so as we’re fast approaching the end of the semester and moving into our final push for the senior short.

In the time from the last milestone, I had previously started work on Muerto’s confetti system. That has been put on hold for the time being as character animations are taking priority. There isn’t a scene yet that’s really in dire need of Muerto’s confetti to really make it work so for the time being we should be alright. Instead, my focus has been animating. Just animating. Lots of character animating.

Previously we had a segment where grim had graded out heroes with a C for their performance in taking down the old man, but the old man sort of scowls and pressures Grim to give them a better score. Initially I had animated the old man to make a massive humbug about the score, but it was a bit overdone and out of character, so instead now the old man gives grim the eye and we’ve got that sorted.

One major detail I made sure of was to make some changes to grim’s movements. Primarily, grim isn’t a guy that I feel walks. Moving forward I’ll continue to iron out the animations and give them more life.

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